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Handwoven Ikat textiles

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Heritage Weaves is a social enterprise working with rural women weavers of Telangana state in India to revive hand woven Ikat textiles .

Craft based Livelihoods

We provide livelihood to more than 200 artisan families which are involved in making handwoven Ikat textiles, yarn making, dye making and tailoring units.

Good for the earth

We are a 100% green company and we contribute to the environment by reducing carbon footprints. Every process in making our products is done by human hand. 

Reviving a heritage

Our project is an initiative to bring back all the traditional weavers back into weaving who had taken up menial jobs because weaving did not support them to sustain their families.

Textile Tours 

We conduct customized textile tours which offer unique opportunity to interact with the hand loom weavers and watch them in the process of making handwoven textiles. 


                    We source and create textile products to furnish hotels, homes and corporate offices.  

About Us

One stop shop for all hand crafted textiles, apparel and home furnishings.


We make handwoven textiles, handcrafted apparel and handmade home furnishings. Contact us for all your hand loom needs. 

Start to Finish Hand loom Products


We make from textiles to ready to use apparel and home furnishings all under one roof. Stores, Brands and designers can use our services to implement their designs all in one order.

You design we implement


Let us help you grow your brand, get in touch with us for all your hand loom product requirements.

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Heritage Weaves

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