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Give the ones you love 

Wings to fly,

Roots to come back,

And reasons to stay.

 - Dalai Lama 

After 16 years of experiencing retailing and content writing, I found my calling. I was inspired by the immensely talented women weavers who were trying hard to keep the ikat weaving tradition alive. They had the expertise in the art and they could translate beautiful motifs into a wearable art. What they lacked was how to market themselves and earn a sustainable income to keep their families going. 

My task was to help them understand how their art can be converted into trendy handmade products, which are highly in demand all over the world as well as can fetch good prices for their hard work.

My calling was to make a profitable business out of the art of weaving, which not only will instill confidence in the women artisans that weaving can also be a source of sustained livelihood but also keep the ikat weaving tradition alive.

I co-founded Heritage Weaves with a mission to provide sustained livelihood to the maximum number of ikat women weavers while reviving the ikat weaving tradition.

After 3 years of research and 2 years of operations, we have been able to set up start to finish facility for ikat handloom based products in ladies’ apparel and home furnishing. Our artisans can create world class products from start to finish.

Heritage Weaves now looks forward to work with designers, brands and wholesalers across the world as a supplier of handcrafted handloom ladies apparel and home furnishings.

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